Residential Rental FAQ

Residential Rental FAQ

FAQ for the clients of SIPI St Louis residential rental properties like apartments, town-homes, houses and condos.

Residential Rental FAQ

Commercial Rental FAQ

FAQ for the clients of SIPI St Louis commercial rental properties like offices, warehouses, businesses and retail locations.

Business and Agent FAQ

Agent/Business FAQ

Are you an agent or business wishing to do, or doing business with SIPI? Here are the answers to some common questions.


Strategic Investment Planning Inc. St LouisStrategic Investment Planning Inc.

Strategic Investment Planning Inc. (SIPI/SIP Inc.) is a Saint Louis, MO based corporation and private investment venture capital firm. Investments made both in intrinsic holdings and real property based assets diversify and intensify our impact on the markets we interact with maximizing synergy and efficiency.

About Us- What is Strategic Investment Planning Inc?

Real Estate Investment 

SIPI's portfolio of investment's backbone is comprised of various real-estate holding, developments, and holdings. Offering a plethora of management, construction and marketing solutions, Strategic Investment Planning Inc. offers it's clients and investors maximum return and efficiency. Through safe and fair housing and management policies, SIPI maintains happy tenants who are repeat clients throughout the spectrum of their home buying experience.

Venture Capital Investment

Strategic Investment Planning Inc. ventures to seed early-stage, emerging and emerging growth companies in hospitality, high technology industries, biotechnology, IT and many other local entities. Investing in St Louis area businesses, building projects and entities creates a steady stream of liquid capital and income perpetuating our investor's returns. Strategic Investment Planning Inc. offers innovative administration, selection, propagation and recovery techniques to increase yield per note.

Investment Opportunities coming soon

Fair Housing and Community Pillar

SIPI believes that all people deserve a place to live without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, and familial status. A safe, welcoming and prosperous community is at our doorsteps and with the efforts of the community we hope to propagate further increases in quality of life around Saint Louis.


Our Teams

We have assembled teams of skilled and talented individuals to better serve our clients obtaining synergy and maximum efficacy. Being a hybrid combination of corporate level management, advisers, service level teammates, contractors and various agents; Strategic Investment Planning Inc. employs a unique team structure model governed by a board of private shareholders.

 Our Location - Downtown St Louis, MO

Strategic Investment Planning Inc and many of its entities are located in Soulard Downtown Saint Louis MO.  Clients, tenants and visitors should contact us to verify availability before attending.

1923 S. 3rd St, Saint Louis MO 63104


Contact Strategic Investment Planning Inc

We always love to hear from the people of the communities we serve! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, observations or ideas. You can reach us here or at (314)329-0001 or email SIPI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are here to serve the Saint Louis area and beyond reaching globally.

Investing In Quality Lifes For St Louis

SIPI Real Estate Investments

Creating safe, desirable living spaces and profitable, innovative business centers for Saint Louis, MO.

Cutting edge property management systems, quality construction models and friendly caring support staffs allow SIPI to create a wonderful living environment for our clients!.

St Louis Real Estate Investment Mission

Our Mission

Diligently servicing Saint Louis' residential and commercial demands. SIPI is bringing revolution to the city's neighborhoods through revitalization, investment, and reimagining our communities.

St Louis Community Values

Our Values

The pursuit of happiness starts at home. SIPI is dedicated its residential & commercial clients providing first class service, cutting edge tools and a innovative socially conscious business practice structure.

Rebuilding St Louis Property

Our Solution

Creating carefully crafted communities takes a team effort. SIPI manages, creates and enlightens our properties with a higher standard of expectations achieving fantastic results..


We Are Hiring!!!

Come job the team at a fantastic growing Saint Louis Based corporation and let your talents shine!

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